5 ways you can save on teenagers clothes.

5 ways you can save on teenagers clothes.

Purchasing clothes for their teenagers scare the hell of some parents as they are constantly growing and need their wardrobe readjusted every year. Here are 5 tips to help you save on teenagers clothes.

Tip 1:

For outwear, get your teenager a rain poncho. A good use of rain poncho is when your teenagers are going to school. Knowing that school bags are not waterproof but at maximum water resistant, it happens that your kids’ school material get all wet during a rainy day. If your teenager has a rain poncho he can protect himself from rain and his school material by covering everything with the rain poncho. Briefly, a rain poncho protects your kid from rain, its school material that you paid & moreover, as opposed to a rain jacket, there are no sleeves so it can be used for a few years! Also, it is way cheaper. Our rain poncho is offered for 40$ only. If you want to get a great rain poncho, get yourself one here: Click here.

Tip 2:

Rent for Special Occasions. When purchasing your teenager some clothes, think of the number of time they are going to wear that particular dress in the next year. If the amount of wear is low, renting those clothes might become a great option. This option is mostly used when you need to assist to a formal event with your teenager.

Tip 3:

Buy (Gently) Used – This tip can easily limit your teenagers’ clothes spending to half compared to purchase of new clothes. With the growth rate of our teenagers, this market is getting bigger every year & offers us more options which will surely fit your teenager needs.

Tip 4:

Buy discounted clothes. Retailers have some period with higher amounts of promotions. Try to track those. Subscribing to their email list might benefit you for some of them. Avoiding periods like back to school will be better for your wallet. Firstly because it gives your teenager time to check out what his peers are wearing and secondly because the month after promotions is usually better.

Tip 5:

Go a size up – This last tip might work better with young men than young women. Going a size up for certain clothes could be beneficiary for you as it might last longer. For example, taking a shirt that has a little longer sleeves. We can easily apply this last tip on school uniform as usually, teenagers do not attach much importance to those clothes.

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