Learn The Truth About Poncho History In The Next 60 Seconds

Learn The Truth About Poncho History In The Next 60 Seconds

What is a poncho?

It’s “a piece of clothing made of a single piece of material, with a hole in the middle through which you put your head”. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Native American Origins:

Its origin can be traced to the native American peoples of the Andes, more precisely to the now territory of Bolivia and Peru. It was mostly used by the peasant population and each community had their very own motives. The commonly known poncho comes from a variation of the Unku, a type of tunic.

Use during Wars:

Its concept was then later used during the American Civil War as a rain clothing and as a ground sheet for sleeping. Following this war, ponchos have also made their apparition during World War I as it was preferred from raincoats for its ability to keep the wearer and his backpack dry. Also, ponchos were highly appreciated as they were offering protection from the morning dew.


This type of garment is now used by hunters, campers, and rescue workers. Moreover, we currently see a trend of the use of ponchos in festivals and also in schools as it helps to protect the wearer and its backpack.
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