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As we are selling through Amazon.com platform, we are able to offer a multitude of delivery services depending on your need. Here are the delivery services currently offered: One-day Shipping, Two-day Shipping and Free shipping. The free shipping is usually delivered within a week in the US.

  Amazon.com allows us to sell anywhere in the US. However, you will have to pay import fees as our products are currently being fulfilled only in the US.

 You have 30 days to return the raiiny Rain Poncho on Amazon.com. 

The length of the poncho from neck to bottom is 3ft2 (38 inches). It will definitely fit a woman of 5ft4 without any problem! 

The rain poncho fabric is thick, but the poncho alone would not be recommended for cold weather. 
This product will mainly block rain & wind. 

No the poncho is not heavy. raiiny Rain Poncho weighs less than 2lb. However, it’s made of a very strurdy material. 

The outer layer is made out of a polyurethane coating and the inside backing is 100% polyester. The polyester is fairly smooth on the inside while the polyurethane coating keeps it waterproof on the outside. 

Yes, the poncho is equipped with a hood. It is actually a bit extended compared to the regular poncho to ensure that you do not get wet! 

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