The 5 Best Tips in Case it Rains at the Music Festival

No matter what the weather brings, there are many things your can do to prepare for a muddy weekend.

You spent months looking forward to the music festival. You’ve packed your bag with sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses. Admission bracelet in hand, you walk up to the park entrance and you finally notice it… dark clouds rolling into the festival grounds. Are you ready for what’s about to happen? People caked in mud head to toe. All of your belongings drenched in your backpack.


Here are a couple of tips before you head out on a potentially wet and muddy adventure.

When there are no showers… Wet wipes

In the moment, dancing in the rain and mud will feel amazing. However, let us help you with what comes after. Mud cakes up when dry and without any proper cleaning facilities, you’ll be walking around like “The Thing” from Fantastic 4. Having a box of wet wipes will come in handy not only for mud but for all of your cleaning purposes. Easily disposable, you’ll end up using them more that you think.

Find a spot uphill

It’s hard enough to find a place to sit or camp at these festivals The last thing you want is having to move during your favorite headliner. Settling down with your tent or covers at the bottom of a hill might come with some nasty surprises during a rain fall. You could have a good view but it won’t mean anything is you’re surrounded in a puddle. Water will tend to run downhill and puddle up at the base. Finding a nice spot uphill will prevent an unplanned move in case of rain.

Comfort over style

You might get caught in the middle of a dancing crowd as it starts to rain. As the people around you start jumping around the mud, you notice that you’re wearing your favorite outfit. You will be more likely to join your fellow festmates in clothes that you don’t mind dirtying. Wearing comfortable and affordable clothing well let you take advantage of this fun situation without the worry about tomorrows laundry problem. Hopefully you’ve brought one of those wet wipes!


Sing in the rain, without the umbrella

Forget the umbrella

It might seem like a good idea but bringing an umbrella to the festival will cause more harm then good. Not only will still get wet but you will be heckled by the crowd behind you while you listen to your favorite artists. In an place where every single inch of bag space will be as valuable as gold, an umbrella is sure to be a bulky inconvenience.

Bag your valuables

Once the puddles start forming, you will value a dry pair of socks over anything else.  Be sure to put your valuables in the center of your bag or purse. Preferably have a plastic bag handy to carry them and to ensure that they stay dry. If you want to go further with this idea, there are many waterproof bags sold on Investing in on will surely payoff once the rain starts falling.

And most important of all…

Embrace it 

No matter how bad the weather gets, don’t let it ruin the weekend for you. Hug an old friend or dance with a new one knowing that both of you are in the same boat.


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